What is Red Hat
Identity Management?

Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) manages identity stores, authentication, rules, and authorization policies in a Linux-based domain in a centralized and unified manner.

IT22 offers exclusive IdM

IT22 provides IdM managed services, so you can boost productivity, reduce errors of both admins and users by simplifying management and reducing administrative overhead.

Integrate IdM into your business
Key Benefits you get

Centralized access to user accounts

Maintain the identities in one central place: the IdM server. Apply policies uniformly to multiple machines at the same time.

Enterprise single sign-on

Improve usability while reducing the security risk of passwords being written down or stored insecurely.

Manage Windows/ Linux environment

Enable Linux and Windows admins to manage control their environment directly.

Access control and authorization

Enforce the best security practices and ensure that users have the appropriate level of access.

User and group management

Create, modify, and delete user accounts, assign group memberships, and enforce consistent policies across the organization.

Scalability and flexibility

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, IdM can accommodate your requirements and grow with your business.

Enjoy the Benefits with IT22’s
IdM Managed services

Smoother Linux Adoption

IT Optimization

Regulated Environments

IT22’s IdM consultancy
for your success

At IT22, we have a team of certified Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) engineers, who offer expert advice and consultancy on IdM. Our team has served major international clients in the energy, mass media, real estate, financial services and various other sectors.

Our clients
Fortes energy systems
Pana vastgoed
Coventry building society
Virgin media

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