REDHAT Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise Linux operating system, certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of vendors.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) provides all the essential tools that rapidly deliver application services and workloads. Fedora, developed by Fedora project, is a version of RHEL that undergoes multiple frequent version releases and offers the latest available technologies. RHEL supports a wide range of workloads in physical, virtual and cloud environments and its editions are available for servers, mainframe, SAP applications, desktops and OpenStack.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), previously known as Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, is an open-source enterprise Linux platform established particularly for the business market by Red Hat. RHEL is certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors. It is known for its reliable and consistent foundation across environments.

Benefits of RHEL

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a foundation for modern and agile IT capabilities that support digital transformation and high-value innovation, even as your business needs change. Here are some benefits of RHEL that help you gain business value.


Cloud Indepenedence

You can get cloud independence using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Get the same experience, no matter where you choose to deploy. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified for use with all major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.


Workload Management

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ensures consistency across physical, virtual, private, and public clouds, and edge computing deployments, helping you build and operate your hybrid cloud environment faster and more efficiently.


Edge Computing Simplification

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides cross-infrastructure consistency, workload stability, and streamlined operations needed to move traditional and containerized workloads from your datacenter to edge locations.


Deployment Streamlining

Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux you can streamline your deployments by simplifying how your operations teams deploy, scale, and manage applications in production, and on any footprint.


Speedy Development Cycles

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux you can accelerate development cycles with access to a rich set of essential developer stack elements including popular and emerging container tools, databases, programming languages, and runtimes.


Risk Reduction

The multilayer breach defenses, a feature of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, lets you automate security controls and mitigate your risk of exposure to vulnerabilities.

IT22 can help you with RHEL

As an advanced Red Hat solution provider, we have a team of highly skilled and certified Red Hat engineers ready to assist you on your journey in the cloud. Here at IT22, our professionals make the most of RHEL benefits in virtualization, Red Hat Directory Server, OpenShift Cluster, and Ansible Automation Platform.

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